How Ya Doin'? 917-816-8432

How Ya Doin'? 917-816-8432

How Ya Doin'? 917-816-8432How Ya Doin'? 917-816-8432How Ya Doin'? 917-816-8432

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Podcast Production


Got something to say?  Promote, profess,proselytize?  Don't hold back.  I'll bring the studio to you!  From conception to final product.  What are you waiting for? 

Commercial Production

From conception to script writing to full production.  Lets get started on your next project

From conception to script to VO and direction.   Lets get started on your next project!



VO and On Camera 

Host -Spokesperson- Interviewer-Podcaster -Reporter - Anchor -

Who the heck am I?



Alice Stockton-Rossini is an award-winning reporter at NBC News Radio Network in New York City.  She rides the radio waves every morning on 710 WOR  on  the streets with real people talking real news.

In addition to her AM Drive reporting, Alice produces and hosts a weekly talk show, "Page Publishing Book Club,".  

In her spare time, Alice produces podcasts, bringing her portable studio to you.  She writes scripts and directs commercial projects and she's talent .  Alice auditions on line, on radio and on-camera for commercials, print and short films.   

Alice honed her anchor, reporting and interviewing skills at 1010 WINS New York before she took the leap into talk radio.  

.   Alice is the 
recipient of awards from the New York Press Club and the News Women's Club of New York.

Finally Alice is an avid hiker, body surfer, biker and an ACE certified group fitness and Pilates instructor.



Alice Stockton-Rossini

  • NBC Radio News Network and 710 WOR November 2012-present.

 Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning. 2016-present.  WOR-AM drive street reporter. Live reports, on the street interviews, breaking news and entertainment.    Getting in the faces of New Yorkers to find out what they think about what ever we’re talking about.  

Len Berman and Todd Schnitt Show 2013-2016 Live reports, on the street interviews, breaking news and entertainment .

 *RNC Convention Cleveland 2016:  Daily Live reports and video updates with protestors, delegates and politicians along with  reports from convention floor for NBC Radio Network affiliates and 710 WOR 

 *DNC Convention Philadelphia 2016: Daily live reports and video updates with protestors, delegates and politicians and reports from convention floor for NBC Radio Network affiliates and 710 WOR.

 *President Trumps Inauguration Washington DC 2017: Live reports, video updates with protestors and politicians  including Kelly Ann Conway, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich

for NBC Radio Network Affiliates and 710 WOR 

John Gambling Show 2012-2013: AM news anchor and co-host. 2012-2013

*Page Publishing Book Club 2012-present.  Interview, edit, produce and host weekly talk show featuring 6-8 new authors for air and podcast on 710 WOR

*Podcast Producer 2015-present: Record and edit monthly podcasts for “Stay Awake with Silverstein”  and  “Ridgewood Talks.”

FM News NY 2011-2012.

* AM drive talk show co-host/News Anchor

*Feature Reports: Write, edit, produce and host 60 Second feature, "What's Up With That?"

*Spokeswoman:, Herbalife, Chamonix, Lifestyle Lift.  

1010 WINS NY 1987-2011

*Morning drive entertainment reporter 2009-2011

*Morning drive feature/street reporter 1994-2009

*Morning Drive Anchor 1992-1994

*PM Drive Anchor 1987-1992

*Developed Sales Content for CBS NY.Com including 

"Fit Fax" a sponsored video fitness series featuring gyms in the NYC Metro area.

*Spokeswoman: Soda Stream, Nutrisystem, New York Power Authority. 1-800-Flowers.  

RKO Radio Network, NY 1984-1987

*Network News Anchor.

*Co-host In-House productions:  "Private Sessions" and "People Magazine Minute" 

Co-Host "Live Aid" coverage JFK Stadium Philadelphia 1985

Lifetime TV !994-1995

*Co-Host "Live From Queens."

Voice Overs, commercial narration, audio books, corporate Videos, On Camera Spokeswoman 1990- Present  

Client list on request. 

References:  On request 

Commercial Resume


  •                                     Alice Stockton-Rossini


          Height: 5’6   Weight: 150    Hair:  Light Brown  Eyes: Hazel Br


    The Fabulous Fable Factory   Margo Dr. Joe Robinette/Rowan U      

         Man of La Mancha   Aldonza            76 House Dinner Theater Butterflies Are Free          Mrs. Baker         Rowan University

         Tartuffe                  Elmire                   Rowan University        


Live From Queens                   Co- Host               LifeTime TV


        The Paper                            News Reporter       Ron Howard Director

        Rocky                                   Extra                       Avildsen

 Commercials (list on request)

          NutriSysten                         Spokeswoman            ABC

          Melatonix                            Spokeswoman            ABC

          Muller Insurance                 TV Anchorwoman      Joey Creative Agency

 Industrial/Commercial Voice Overs:     List on Request

 Special Skills:

              Interviewing, Reporting, Radio/TV Anchoring, DJ, Talk Show Host, Podcasting, Blogging

              Pro Tools editing, Talk show Producing.

              Hiking, Biking, Body Surfing, Pilates Instructor 




BA Speech Theater 

76 House Dinner Theater 

  • Summer Stock Rowan University/ Burlington County College